Nestepaine manufactures pipe assemblies from the best components on the market. Efficient and flexible production bends from single pieces to long industrial series.

The production of pipe assemblies is centralized in Seinäjoki, which has solid experience in the manufacture of pipe assemblies. Pipe assembly production is flexible and highly automated. Manufacturing is done according to a physical or electronic 3D model provided by the customer. 2D, XYZ, UVW.

We help our customers with all questions related to connectors and materials. You can discuss your needs with an expert salesperson and you always get a product made by an experienced professional.

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Nestepaineen bending center

Nestepaine bending center consists of a fully automatic bending and programming unit, a sawing line and pre-assembly device, and a pipe bending copy scanner.

For bends, the equipment error tolerances are ± 0.1 mm or ± 0.1 °. The outer diameter of the pipes can be 6 – 50 mm and the maximum length of the pipe is 6 m. When the outer diameter of the pipe is more than 18 mm, a mandrel bending technique is used, whereby the cross-section of the arc is completely round.

The bending equipment is suitable for handling both carbon and stainless steel pipes. If necessary, other materials and profiles can also be bent, eg square tube and solid bar up to an outer diameter of 25 mm.

In a fully automatic pipe pressure bending center, it is advantageous to also bend small series according to the customer’s drawing or model.

The model does not necessarily have to be similar to a single desired inflection, but a “wire imitation”, for example, is also valid as a model. Its centerline shape can be saved by copying with a scanner, the measurement of which according to the coordinates is then possible to bend a pipe bend of exactly the desired shape and length.

The bending parameters of large series can be stored in the memory of the programming unit so that they can be called, for example, by the customer’s order number.

Pipe bends can be equipped with high-pressure connections at the customer’s request and, if necessary, delivered with test effort. The normal delivery condition for pipe bends is sheath-cleaned, plugged and marked.