Pumps, motors and transmission

Axial piston pumps and motors

Release switches and multiplier gears

Proportional directional control valves, flow valves, gear and inner gear pumps and gear motors.

White Drive Products

Planetary gears and negative lamellar brakes

Axial piston pumps and motors, valves

Cheer pumps

Radial piston engines

Pressure batteries and dampers

Shock absorbers

Piston pressure batteries

Membrane pressure batteries and bladder pressure batteries


Hoses, ball fittings, countervalves and hose valves, quick connectors

Proctional directional valves, flow valves, hand direction valves

Low pressure taps

CETOP basic plate electric directional valves, intermediate valves and 6/2 valves

Fimma: Power and countervalves

Fluid Team: Proctional valves


Pressure valves, pressurized countervalves (lock valves), load landing valves, power control valves and special valves.

Rötelmann: Ball valves

Small machinery and machinery equipment

Proctional directional valves, flow valves and small machinery

Sensors and switches

Measurement glasses, stuffing caps, gasps, plugs and yardsticks

Clutch parts, stuffing caps and measuring glasses

Pressure measurement fittings and pressure gauges

Quick connectors, rotary connectors and pressure measurement quick connectors

Quick Connectors

Quick connectors and quick connector cases

Quick connectors and quick connector cases

Quick connector cases

Pressure measurement fittings

Rotary connectors

Hoses, hose coils and hose fittings

Hoses and hose fittings



Hose coils

Hose fittings

Hose fittings

Hose fittings

Pipe fittings and nips

Pipe fittings

Pipe fittings and nips

Pipe fittings and nips


Pipe fittings


Pressure filters, return filters and cartridges

Reentry filters, lymphatic filters and cartridges

Hydraulics tools

Tanks, presses, torque wrenches, cutters, crushers, benders and repair kits